Collaboration is power and we value team effort like no other. It defines what values we place on our greatest assets – our employees and we make sure that our priorities are never compromised. We've created a truly distinctive environment at IPPL, pumped with possibilities ensuring maximum attention to details. In every aspect involved in the work environment, we have paved an integral family which has equally equipped environmentally active people with diversification in terms of cultures. IPPL has indeed reformed itself into a place where its employees look out for one another in terms of solution-seeking and guidance, for work as well as for executive leadership which is accessible, approachable, and transparent. We work hard and celebrate our achievements and never miss a chance of engaging ourselves in fun-to-do/ employee engagement activities. We heartily participate in celebrations that involve festivities from all around the country, promoting unity in diversity. Community engagement in every aspect possible falls the strengths of IPPL. Every big or small achievement, that has the dedication and workmanship of our employees, is suitably gratified and we celebrate the results with a Meet and Treat session involving the complete unit.

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This is a diverse and inclusive workplace where one acquires methods of sharpening one's tools and learns to innovate, grow, and make an impact on the communities we serve. Being surrounded by positive energy, work-life becomes versatile and easier for our workforce.

IPPL is structured in such a way that it promotes cordial relationships between subordinates and always keeps us connected to the world, driving the transition to a smart, virtual, properly networked companionship with seamless connectivity.

Responsibility with sincerity blended with elements of fun and frolic engagements is the magnetic driving force you will experience in your day-to-day work life with your peers at IPPL.

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