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Safe Keeping & Terminaling

IPPL renders world-class Safe-keeping and Terminalling services to India's leading PSU oil companies with a vision to stabilize the demand-supply imbalance in domestic markets.


Bottling Services

LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is one of the major fuel for kitchen. This gas is combination of two important hydrocarbons namely Butane and Propane. Both are light hydrocarbons, flammable, odourless and colourless gases.


Bulk LPG

IPPL is equipped to manufacture and supply products ranging from straight-run imported Propane, straight-run imported Butane with a varying mix of Iso and Normal, Straight run LPG with a varying mix of Propane and Butane, Hydrogenated C4 Mix, Automotive LPG, and Zero Mercapatan LPG for Aerosols.


Propel Auto LPG

PROPEL is the brand name under which IPPL markets its AutoGas or Auto LPG. IPPL manufactured AutoGas has an octane number of 88-90 to ensure the steady performance of your car engines.


Propel LP Gas

We are now introducing Propel 425, a unique product offering that is portable and has all the advantages of a bulk LPG facility. A Propel 425 facility consists of 425 Kg cylinders, vaporizers, pressure control valve, interconnecting pipeline, gas monitoring system, fire extinguishers, and other allied facilities.


Technical Services

Diagnostic study of existing fuel system comprising of multiple applications. Critical analysis on the use of alternate fuel (propane/LPG/butane) and provision of project blueprint for solid to gas & liquid to gas conversion


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Automotive LPG

Automotive LPG is a mixture of Butane and Propane...

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