Health & Safety

IPPL has been handling LPG since 2001 and has adopted the highest international safety standards in all its projects and operating practices. Safety has always been a top priority for IPPL, and the company works conscientiously to maintain health and safety in all its workplaces. IPPL is proud to state that not a single man day has been lost due to any safety hazards or non-compliance with safety standards at its terminal in over a decade of operations. At IPPL, health and safety are essential components of sustainable development.

Climate & Sustainable Energy

IPPL is committed to provide clean and efficient energy while developing affordable technologies for energy conservation. The company works towards sustainable development and climate change by employing cutting-edge technologies and exploring renewable energy sources to mitigate global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. IPPL aims to stabilize climate change, lower energy-based emissions, and impact climate change positively.

Care for Environment

IPPL is dedicated to sustainability and eco-growth and strives to follow the three 'R's of recycling: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. The company adds another 'Re-Invent' and discovers other methods to protect the environment. IPPL organizes clean-ups, holds awareness programs to save water and electricity, decomposes leftovers to produce compost, and plants more trees. Innovative methods to use natural resources further save landfill for waste disposal.

Peoples Well Being

IPPL promotes social and economic well-being through a three-pronged approach that focuses on financial freedom, environmental protection and justice for all. The company aims to maximize the outcome of CSR projects by offering sustainable welfare schemes and educational awareness programs. IPPL offers practical guidelines for implementing initiatives through these educational programs while contributing towards safety and welfare.

Net Zero Emission

IPPL has set a goal of achieving net-zero emissions to combat global warming. The company recognizes the urgent need to take action towards climate change and has laid down its net-zero vows. IPPL aims to reduce emissions as close to zero as possible in the net-zero emissions setting by implementing necessary actions to achieve this significant goal.


Notice Inviting Expression of Interest – Online Air Heating System at IPPL Haldia Terminal, West Bengal

Corrigendum for expression of Interest dated 13.03.2023

Extended till 4th April 2023