How is Butane obtained?

Butane is usually obtained by fractional distillation of crude oil. Crude oils are nothing but fossil fuels and when those are purified by the process of fractional distillation, butane along with petrol, kerosene, bitumen, and diesel.

IPPL supplies a large number of Butane cylinders of different sizes to diverse industries for their respective uses. Many laboratories also need this hydrocarbon that is supplied by IPPL. The level of purity is checked in our company with the help of in-house laboratory equipment before supplying the same.

Application of butane in industries and domestic life:

Butane in its purer form when combined with propane can be used in various areas. The fuel gas is used in areas like:

Cabinet heaters

Outdoor grills

Patio heaters

Motor-home heating appliances

Refilling cigarette lighters

Mobile catering space heaters

Vehicles as LPG

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