IPPL is a leading supplier of high-quality Butane gas throughout India. Butane is a hydrocarbon that occurs in two forms – n-Butane and Isobutane. It is a colorless, non-toxic, and highly flammable gas in its natural and pure form. IPPL stores Butane in a refrigerated form at its state-of-the-art facilities in Haldia and Ennore, ensuring safe storage and transportation to its customers.

Butane is primarily obtained through the fractional distillation of crude oil and the cracking of natural gas. IPPL supplies Butane to various industries for their respective uses. Butane finds its application in the extrusion of foam, plastic, and as a propellant in the Aerosol industry. It is also mixed with propane to produce LPG, which has diverse applications in industries. LPG is widely used in cylinders for restaurants, food chains, canteens, hospitals, and other applications.

IPPL takes pride in delivering Butane gas of exceptional quality to its customers, ensuring high efficiency and safety in their operations.

Usage Benefits Of Butane
Fast and Effective Burn

Easy to Use

Extremely Efficient in Warm Weather

Reduce Carbon Emission

Clean burning and emits almost no pollutants.

Low maintenance cost

Low Sulfur

Application of Butane in Industries


Foam Extrusion


Cabinet heaters

Extrusion Of Plastic balls


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