Our Company has actively pursued CSR activities. It is committed to contribute to the overall economic development of the nation while improving the quality of life of the local community. The Company has contributed in developing the approach road to the Haldia Terminal, along with other Industry members. It has also participated in distribution of blankets and food packets to the poor and handicapped people. It has contributed towards maintenance of rural schools for underprivileged children. The main focus of social welfare and rural community development measures of the company is education and health.

The Company also continues its efforts towards preserving the natural resources, developing green belt areas and imparting training to employees on precautionary measures to reduce environmental pollution. IPPL advocates the cause of a pollution-free environment by projecting LPG as a viable, economical and eco-friendly alternative. IPPL has reached out and touched the lives of millions, enriching the quality of life.

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Contribution by IPPL under CSR scheme