From the desk of the CEO

IPPL is determined to provide green and sutainable solutions under the key management offered by Industry Leaders who are proud to be associated with the brand. We aspire to follow a well-facilitated hierarchy in the organization where everyone commits to growth in substantial proportion and smartly executes it.

P.K. Jha Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

IPPL has established furnished ways of reinventing energy and has made way for opportunities that position the nation as a storehouse of possibilities. I am glad to be a part of this growing green ecosystem.

Mr. Mazlie Bin Minhat Financial Controller

We operate on technicalities and address them with in the most sustainable fashion. We are constantly expanding and are on the lookout for better relationships with our collaborators and stakeholders.

Mr. Prodip Kumar Sarkar General Manager (Marketing and Operation)

It has been no less than an adrenaline-pumped adventure in making green energy and feasibilities surrounding the same mainstream for our collaborators and esteemed stakeholders. We are really happy that things are growing increasingly sustainable and people are adapting to the same.

Mr. Abikar Pal Deputy General Manager (Terminal), Haldia

The extensive experience and knowledge of the crew has enlightened solutions for the Nation and its people in terms of green energy. We are a proud part of the ecosystem and are constantly motivated to implement better propositions to help our stakeholders.

Mr. S Muralidhar General Manager (Terminal), Ennore

IPPL has been an institution of innovation, implementation and enablement of sustainable industry practices with respect to clean and green energy. We are having even brighter plans for the future which we are trying to execute as soon as possible.

Mr. Anurag Soni General Manager (Finance & Company Secretariat)

IPPL constitutes of all the aspects an employee would love to celebrate at workplace starting from the necessary push from the colleagues and the seniors to commemoration of achievements within the organization.

Debjani Bose Deputy Manager (Human Resources)