The main features of a Propel 425 facility are:

  • Designed to suit customer's specific needs
  • Combines advantages of cylinder & bulk LPG systems
  • Door delivery with manifold connection & pre-delivery checks
  • Quality Test Report along with consignment
  • No license from PESO
  • Facility cost shall be borne by IPPL, as well as maintained by IPPL at no extra cost
  • Propel 425 Cylinder fitted with a combo valve, a unique feature with the advantage of the withdrawal of liquid LPG first and then vapor LPG, help in minimizing loss of LPG as compared to the other VOT/LOT cylinder bank
  • Propel 425 installations has minimum joint in-cylinder banks as compared to the packed LPG (VOT/LOT) systems, increasing the safety aspect and minimizing the possibility of leakage
  • Propel 425 Cylinder also have a pre-installation Safety relief valve on the top of the cylinder added an extra safety feature, which is not available in any kind of LPG cylinder in the market
  • Less Cylinder handling shall minimize safety hazards, and reduce manpower cost for cylinder handling

What we offer

We will undertake the design of the Propel 425 facility after a complete technical evaluation of your LPG requirements. The design aspects will take into consideration various details including peak and idle flow conditions, downstream load calculations, average daily consumption, lead time for supplies, minimum stock level, replenishment schedule, etc.

  • Installation
  • Supply and Erection of all Mechanical/Electrical equipment is undertaken through an approved installer
  • Land & Civil Work
  • All drawings required for installation as per standards and specific to the site conditions
  • Commissioning
  • Commissioning of the entire facility and trail runs
  • Training
  • Customer orientation on the safe operation of installation and response to emergencies

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Biswa Mohan Pati Sr. Sales officer
R.D Nageshwaran Executive (Marketing)
Roopesh M JE -II (Marketing)