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IndianOil Petronas Private Limited has been an organization with deep-rooted beliefs and has displayed stewardship in every form and manner to create sustainable goals for the general public. While the pandemic caused a giant blow to the livelihood of daily bread earners, IPPL took every necessary step that helped eradicate the misery to some extent.

IPPL took the initiative of rehabilitating the lives of individuals in Haldia. IndianOil Petronas Private Limited and its employees have reached out to 1500 families at Haldia affected by the pandemic, with food and essential commodities, as a part of its continuous endeavor to support and work towards the betterment of the society at large. While we ensure that people in the locality is getting proper services, we also took care of sanitation and hygiene needs. COVID19 is a long-lasting battle which we are fighting at some level or the other and we at IPPL made sure that our commitment to serving the Nation with our products and services did not create a gap in our social commitments. We tried our very best in keeping up with the expectations of people and our unputdownable spirit to serve the needy helped us on succeeding with our Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

IPPL, 2 years ago


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