While we optimized our process and schedule, we made sure that safety standards are well-acknowledged in every layer of the community where we share a presence.

Since various business genres suffered a staggering presence during the pandemic period, our supply and dispatch units adapted to the new normal and strived hard to allocate all essentials as required to serve businesses and communities. Though IPPL holds an elite position in the energy industry in terms of safety procedures, quality assurance, and hygiene standards, we did elevate precautionary measures to assure zero transmission of COVID19 in our business transactions.

While the world and our motherland are slowly and steadily recovering from the crisis of the pandemic, we are making sure that our logistics are enough capable at all times to maintain smooth business transactions.. We are always ready to do more than the maximum in this time of a worldwide crisis to meet every end possible and it is largely happening because of the consistent efforts of our ever since the 1500s, dedicated team and highly responsible suppliers.