Enabling Green energy and driving out inefficiencies in the energy sector


India has seen major fallouts in the energy sector due to improper nourishment of storage units or unmonitored flow/dispatch of energy units between generating and utilizing units. IPPL made it possible to acquire energy in multiple folds concerning previous industry-standard capacities relevant to clean energy harnessing. While mitigating sources of loss and other components responsible for shortcomings in energy transmission, IPPL has established a safety chain for the propagation of sustainable energy.

Energy barriers have been successfully eliminated with the intervention of clean and green energy production from IPPL with mobile, portable solutions in form of commercially viable cylinders.

We are targeting the restoration of green shield across pockets in the country and chain down possibilities of ecological disturbances due to pollution. Shifting to green and adapting to the change is not a one-day procedure but takes a good amount of time to execute in a larger proportion. We are trying to execute the mindsets of people and create a drift in the choice of fuel and streamline the same for greater impact.


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IPPL, 2 years ago


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