Instigating skill development through Haldia Samaj Kalyan Parsad and creating awareness of skill baaed employment

Skill development is a key resource for a developing part of the nation and was taken very seriously under stern commands of officials and flexible provision of incense stick vending macines and tailoring machines were made available.The self-help group of women at Haldia Samaj Kalyan Parsad were greatly benefitted under this initiative. 10 Electric Tailoring machines, 2 Overlock Machines, 2 Embroidery Machines, 2 Cloth cutting Machines, 14 motors for Tailoring, Embroidery and Overlock, 3 Incense stick making machines (1 for mixing the raw material, 1 for putting the mixture on sticks, 1 for mixing of fragrances) were offered as part of this initiative.

Enabling learning and other day-to-day activities through computers and associated furniture for orphan children

Provision of computers and associated furniture for the orphan boys and girls at Haldia Samaj Kalyan Parsad helped in aligning day-to-day activities as part of the learning and growing curriculum for these specially-abled children.

Work In Progress:

  • Infrastructural development of Basulia Primary School, Haldia, WB.
  • Infrastructural development of Alichak New Primary School, Vill Kumarchak, P.S. Durgachak, Haldia, WB.
  • Infrastructural development of Tentulberia Shyamrai Primary School, P.O. Debhog, P.S. Bhabanipur, Haldia, WB.
  • Construction of two rooms including toilet block (2 toilets) on the 1st floor of the Blind Girls’ Hostel in Vivekananda Mission Asram, Haldia, WB.