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Our Terminal

At Ennore and Haldia, our terminals are equipped with the best and the most sophisticated equipment in existence and have been identified and recognized as a potential source of Auto LPG in the region. They have been granted special permission by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India on 4th November 2004 to blend imported Propane & Butane to produce and market Auto LPG.

IPPL is equipped to manufacture and supply products ranging from Straight run Imported Propane, Straight run Imported Butane with varying mix of ISO and Normal Butane, Straight run LPG with a varying mix of Propane and Butane, Automotive LPG, and minimum Mercaptan LPG for aerosols. Within a short period, IPPL has established itself as a natural source of fuel for industries focusing on heat treatment through various processes.

IPPL is an approved manufacturer of Auto LPG, and has established outlets in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & West Bengal for dispensing Green fuel Auto LPG to vehicles, under the brand name 'Propel' Auto Gas.

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