It is the resilience and dedication of the workforce that has paved a ecological yet economical drift in the energy sector in India.

Mr. V Satish Kumar Chairman

We are immensely proud of the transition we have acquired in recent years and how the development of innovative solutions are taking shape over time.

Mr. Sanjay Kaushal Director
Mr. P JayadevanDirector

We have surpassed the period of preliminary experimentation and are speeding our ways to accommodate sustainable solutions for the end users. We are extremely committed in this process of overcoming barriers and landing success for our collaborators and stakeholders.

Mr. Partha Ghosh Director

Seamless possibilities have emerged with prominent highlights in the field of clean and green energy with IPPL. We are expanding resources and facilitation points for smooth business roll outs across the Nation.

Mr. Shamsul Bahari Bin Salleh Director

We are reshaping things inside the boundaries of IPPL and are bringing new adaptations on a regular basis to cancel out redundant solutions and establish more promising patterns of success.

Mr. Rizan Bin Ismail Director

IPPL has minimized all major and minor issues related to generation, transport, dispatch and facilitation of energy and are paving sustianable ways for securing minimal losses in transit.

Mr. Azarul fazril Bin Asaari, Director

It is indeed a pleasure to be a part of the growing family of innovators and solution seekers at IPPL. We are aligning incorporations that will make the future more ready than ever to try and test firm solutions of energy and streamline them.

Mr. Ahmad Izuddin Ismail Director