IPPL manufactures PROPEL in its highly advanced facility at Ennore and Haldia, per BIS 14861. We have lots of dispensing stations across the country and many more are in the pipeline to ensure that you will never run out of supply and will always find a station. One of the fastest-growing Auto LPG suppliers in India, we enjoy the loyalty of customers.

Whether you need fuel for a single car or a fleet of vehicles for your company, you will easily be able to get your needs fulfilled with us at our standalone stations/bunkers. We are a renowned provider of high-quality auto LPG, which is safe to use and burns cleanly. Over the last decade, we have been providing safe and clean auto fuel to our customers across varied locations in India. We are striving to reduce customer dependence on traditional fuels and help make the environment cleaner.

Auto LPG Dispensing Stations across major states in India:

To promote the use of LPG as an eco-friendly fuel to reduce environmentally hazardous emissions, IPPL has decided to set up standalone Auto LPG Dispensing Stations (ALDS).

The fully automated terminal with the most sophisticated technology has been recognized as a potential source of Auto LPG of the region and a Special approval for Blending of imported Propane & Butane to produce and market Auto LPG was granted by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India on 4th November 2004.

Auto LPG Dispensing Stations are operating successfully in the States of Karnataka, West Bengal & Gujarat with an average cumulative sale of around 1800 MT's per month. Works on construction of Twenty more ALDS are on and are in the various stages of completion.

INDIANOIL PETRONAS PRIVATE LIMITED advocates the cause of a pollution-free environment by projecting LPG /Propane as a viable, economical, and environmentally friendly alternative to help enrich the quality of life of the community and preserve ecological balance and heritage through strong environmental measures. INDIANOIL PETRONAS PRIVATE LIMITED in its road ahead towards the gain of strength has also shouldered its responsibility towards the community through undertaking various social & community developmental projects.