LPG Distributorship

PROPEL LPG GAS Distributorship is a prestigious opportunity for applicants who possess a passion for growth and honesty in their business practices. The company carefully assesses each applicant’s quality to ensure that the appointed distributor perpetuates the company’s brand image and values in the minds of customers.

To be eligible for distributorship, the following mandatory requirements must be met:

PESO approved LPG cylinder storage Godown

  • The distributor must identify, coordinate, and construct an LPG cylinder storage Godown as per the guidelines of the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization.
  • The minimum capacity of the Godown should be 2000 Kgs.
  • When selecting land for the Godown, the ownership of the Land should be clear, it should be free from any encumbrances, the land should be converted to commercial, and the Land size should be as per the PESO guidelines, and it shall not be in densely populated residential areas.

Vehicles for Primary & Secondary transportation of LPG cylinders

  • The appointed distributor must arrange for transportation to carry filled cylinders from IPPL’s Bottling plant to its Godown and further from the Godown to the customer’s premises and vice versa.
  • All vehicles must adhere to guidelines as deliberated by IPPL from time to time.

Financial Requirements

  • The distributor must arrange finance for the fulfilment of day-to-day needs for running the distributorship.
  • The distributor has to pay a security deposit to IPPL for each cylinder uplifted on advance basis.
  • The cylinder is IPPL’s asset and will always remain the property of IPPL. IPPL will refund the security deposit equivalent to the cylinders returned at the time of closure of distributorship.
  • The distributor must appoint its own staff for security, delivery, godown manager, driver, etc. at its own expense.

The Packed LPG distributorship will be selected based on interviews against an open advertisement for all eligible applicants.

These details are indicative only, and for more information, please feel free to contact the concerned persons at the company.

Prospective applicants who are passionate, focused, and honest are encouraged to apply for this exciting opportunity that can help them grow professionally and financially.

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